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15 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now For a Perspective Shift

15 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now For a Perspective Shift


I’m not an early adopter when it comes to the podcast obsession. I started listening to podcasts after I moved to LA out of necessity - playlists can only take you so far when you’re stuck in daily traffic on the 405 on your commute. So, I started listening to a few podcasts with the hope that they’d help me move my mind elsewhere. What they did was so much more than that.

They expanded my mind.

They challenged my preconceptions.

They helped me to find opportunities for growth.

They made me question patterns that felt so ingrained I never thought twice about them.

It’s been a little over a year now I’ve been podcast obsessed - not your serial story kind of podcasts (I never could get into them) but ones focused on self-reflection, wellness, self improvement, and inspiration. I now almost (and that almost is critical) look forward my commute because in the quiet time I get to spend learning and reflecting - my car has become a space for growth somewhere between the Santa Monica mountains and the exit for Wilshire boulevard.

I wanted to share my top 15 favorite episodes over the past year with you and hope you’ll give them a listen. I’d love to hear any recommendations you have for great podcasts or podcast episodes too!

15 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now For a Perspective Shift

  1. Oprah SuperSoul Conversations July 22 + 23, 2018: Eckhart Tolle Being In The Now

    These two episodes are the most influential podcasts I have listened to - Eckhart Tolle’s smart and simple way of teaching others how to live in the present helped me to calm my mind and focus on the right now. It also inspired me to buy his book which is a great read!

  2. Highest Self Podcast Episode #122: Creating White Space with Sahara Rose

    Man do I love Sahara Rose. She’s crazy and hippie as hell but her observations are so on point, her positive attitude is palpable, and I love how accessible she makes wellness. This episode on how to create white space in your life inspired my blog post and helped me to really create freedom in my life.

  3. Earn Your Happy Episode #289: How to Reprogram Your Brain to Make You Superhuman

    Heard of the power of positivity? This episode is about positivity on overdrive and how that affects our health and happiness with Joe Dispenza. Lori Harder is a force to be reckoned with and her emotion-filled interviews and positive energy really have changed my perspective on everything from interactions at work to how I exercise.

  4. Bulletproof Radio Episode #550: Garrett Gee, Lessons on Living Life Your Way

    So, Dave Asprey is not my favorite host at all - he’s cocky and pretty douchey but his guests are usually amazing. This one is Garrett Gee of Bucket List Family fame (which I found out about through this podcast). What happens when you receive 22 million dollars before you’ve graduated college? You sell all your belongings and travel the world with your family of course! A great story and even better perspective on living life to the fullest.

  5. Kwik Brain Episode #99: Finding Work That Lights You Up

    Jim Kwik (yes that’s his real name) provides great 10-20 minute episodes that are ‘bite sized brain hacks for people who want to learn better and do more with their lives’. From how to memorize people’s names to eating to beat stress to finding work that truly inspires you, I always enjoy his guests and solo episodes and learn something every time.

  6. Highest Self Podcast Episode #185: Overcoming Anxiety with Sahara Rose

    Sahara Rose dropping the truth again and again. This was a wakeup call episode for me during a time when my anxiety was overwhelming. Only 15 minutes and worth the listen!

  7. Nourishing Women Episode #80: Recycling, Composting, and Creating Circular Systems with Kali Rabaut

    Meg and Victoria are two of my favorites in the podcast world - they’re owners of Nourishing Minds Nutrition and their relatable and eye opening episodes feel like you’re talking to two friends (albeit really smart and well informed friends). This one shifted my perspective on the importance and ease of sustainability practices.

  8. Bulletproof Radio Episode #532: Byron Katie, Hacking the Voice Inside Your Head

    Ignore Dave again, and listen to Byron Katie. She definitely is far out there but some of her insights on living life on your own terms are fascinating.

  9. Kwik Brain Episode #97: Digital Detox

    Jim Kwik provides the science-backed reasons why you should be detoxing from your digital tech. Helpful perspective (still working on this one).

  10. Nourishing Women Episode #81: Nutrition and Oral Development with Weston A Price

    This is Meg or Victoria’s holistic dentist who talks about the importance of mouth health for whole health and wow did this make me step up my floss game and better understand how my oral routine contributes to my overall well being.

  11. Highest Self Podcast Episode #115: The Dance Between Doing and Being with Sahara Rose

    We are always told to do more, keep going, work harder - but what is the value of that versus being? Sahara Rose breaks it down in an eye opening episode.

  12. Wellness Mama Episode #263: The Beautiful No & Other Life Lessons with Sheri Salata

    What does it look like to have a dream job working for Oprah but a personal life that doesn’t feel fulfilling? Sheri Salata details her incredible journey in this episode and explains why the ‘no’s’ in our lives may be even more important than the ‘yes’s’.

  13. Finding Wellness Episode #19: Simi Biotic

    Shout out to previously featured Lemon Aid Jenn Lyons for her amazing podcast launched last year which features inspiring women in the wellness industry. This one features Simi Biotic, author of “Letting Go of Leo: How I Broke Up With Perfectionism” who details her journey from perfectionist to someone who has a lot more balance in her life.

  14. Healthier Together Episode #22: How Chronic Illness Impacts Relationships, The Art of The Hustle & Making Friends As An Adult

    Liz Moody is my latest find and her podcast is fairly new. I love her honest conversations about dealing with anxiety and the way she asks questions in such a blunt way to her guests. This one is an interview with Jessica Murane who talks about the impact of her chronic illness on her relationships which deeply resonated with me as well as how to make friends as an adult which is hard so I appreciated the tips!

  15. Yogaland Episode #158: Closing The Wellness Gap with Nicole Cardoza

    Not a yogi but absolutely love Nicole Cardoza, a Forbes 30 Under 30, founder of Yoga Foster, and co-founder of The Mental Health League which is how I first became acquainted with her as the other founder is a friend of Nick’s. Nicole was recently featured in Well + Good and uses this podcast to discuss the exclusivity of the wellness industry and how we can all do a better job at making wellness inclusive.

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