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The Lemon Aid: Liz on Working For Colbert, MS & The Importance of Junk Food

The Lemon Aid: Liz on Working For Colbert, MS & The Importance of Junk Food

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Welcome to a new series on The Lemon Tribe, where we'll be highlighting people, products, places, etc. that inspire us. First up, is the indomitable Liz. 

Liz is one of those people who always has a kind word to say or a hilarious joke to tell. She's a force to be reckoned with whether singing with her band Dear June, running a bonefishing resort in the Bahamas, or her newest endeavor as the house band assistant, rocking out at The Late Show With Stephen ColbertLiz also has Multiple Sclerosis, a diagnosis she received three years ago.

But, in typical Liz fashion, she's not letting that stop her for one second. I caught up with her to hear her thoughts on keeping perspective, SVU as fitness motivation, and her wellness staples.

I'm crazy inspired by her and know you will be too.  

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LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

OCCUPATION: House Band Assistant at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert


LEMON TYPE: Multiple Sclerosis

HEALTH MANTRA: Treat your body well, but also allow yourself to appreciate those nights when junk food is just a pretty good idea.  





WELLNESS ITEM I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Sunscreen! Every morning. 

TOP 5 KITCHEN STAPLES: Hummus, carrots, Greek yogurt, seltzer water, and a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese for those nights when you just can’t even 

BOOK I'M LOVING: The Wonder, by Emma Donoghue  

CURRENT WORKOUT: Does watching SVU on the elliptical count? 

IN MY HEADPHONES:The Obvious Child by Paul Simon 

BEAUTY OBSESSION: Cream Highlighter 

OUTFIT YOU'LL ALWAYS FIND ME IN: High-Waisted button up skinny jeans and anything and everything from Madewell. 



On Having MS


HOW MS HAS IMPACTED ME: MS has taught me to be a more positive, thankful person. I am so lucky to have the quality of life that I do while also dealing with an auto immune disease. It makes you so much more thankful for the things you can so easily take for granted.

WORST PART OF HAVING AN AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER: How worried my parents were with my diagnosis three years ago, and how hard it still is to fully understand the illness.  

BEST PART OF HAVING AN AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER: The perspective it gives you on life, and the support system you create. I am also extremely thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been given to help fund MS research. 

MOST HELPFUL FOR FEELING BETTER:  The outdoors, my amazing therapist, my family and my doctor’s very realistic, down to earth nature.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER:  Perspective! It could ALWAYS be worse. I remind myself how lucky I am to still be able to do what I can. 

ADVICE FOR FELLOW LEMONS: Push yourself, but also keep in touch with your body and your mind and remember to let yourself rest. Stay positive! 


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Los Angeles, Here We Come.

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