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The Lemon Aid: Jenn on Tuning Out The Noise, Health Coaching, & The Joys of Nut Butter

The Lemon Aid: Jenn on Tuning Out The Noise, Health Coaching, & The Joys of Nut Butter


New month, new Lemon Aid spotlight! As the changing leaves of September encourage us to turn inward and evaluate how we want to make healthy and positive changes for the new season, there is no better person to talk about how to do this than Jenn Lyons.

Jenn is a friend of mine from college and it has been such a joy to watch her health journey. Jenn is a health coach, blogger, and now podcaster (catch her podcast Finding Wellness on iTunes) while also holding down a full time job. She, like me, is a Philly girl and has been an amazing advocate for the health and wellness spaces in the city. Without further ado, I give you Jenn!





NAME: Jenn Lyons

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

OCCUPATION: Holistic Health Coach and Career Advisor at Accenture

BEST PART OF BEING A HEALTH COACH: My amazing clients! I really love helping them to develop a healthy relationship with food & learn to love their bodies.

HEALTH MANTRA: Listen to your body.

FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram @JennLyonsWellness

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On Finding Wellness


WHY I GOT INVOLVED IN WELLNESS: I had always been interested in wellness as long as I can remember. But there was a point in my life where I became too obsessed with eating healthy and working out that it consumed all of my thoughts.

Over time I developed a healthy relationship with food and exercise through finding an intuitive approach to eating and exercise. I wanted to become a health coach so I could offer this support to anyone needing help in this area, since I always wished I had this type of support when I was struggling. 

HOW FINDING WELLNESS HAS IMPACTED YOU: I always feel my best physically and mentally when I fill my diet with real, whole nourishing foods and get some sort of movement in the day. I feel more energized and productive when I am fueling my body with these foods and get in some type of movement, even if its just a long walk or yoga in my apartment. 

THE HARDEST PART OF MY WELLNESS JOURNEY: Tuning out the noise and listening to what my body really needs. There were times when I got sucked into every health trend since I thought this was how I should be living my life, even if this wasn't necessarily what is best for me. I think it's important to really understand your body's needs and what works for you. This definitely requires tuning out the noise in the wellness world to listen to your own body's needs. 

THE BEST PART OF MY WELLNESS JOURNEY: Connecting with so many amazing individuals! I have gotten the pleasure of meeting some amazing women in the wellness industry through meeting them for coffee, at wellness events, retreats or through interviewing them on my podcast. Having these conversations with such inspiring women is really what lights me up these days. 

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Healthy Favorites



TOP 5 KITCHEN STAPLES: Almond butter or peanut butter (always have a back up jar too!), chia seeds, cinnamon, frozen berries, and avocado spray

FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE: Been loving bruschetta chicken

I’M ALWAYS SNACKING ON: Anything I can dip nut butter into :)

I’M ALWAYS SIPPING: Coffee in the morning and hot tea in the afternoon (been loving ginger tea!)

BEST HEALTH TIP YOU’VE RECEIVED: Listen to your body, it knows what you need

FAVORITE WAY TO WORKOUT:  I like to switch it up or else I get bored. My favorites are running, yoga, spin or just a long walk. 

WEIRDEST HEALTH HABIT: I weirdly love dipping carrots in peanut butter

CRAZIEST THING YOU BUY: Crystals (never thought I would have gotten into them but have really loved incorporating them into my daily routine)

SPIRIT ANIMAL:  Goldendoodle




  • FOOD: I am sucker for Sweetgreen, I also love Pure Fare and Real Food Eatery for some fast casual places. In terms of going out to dinner I love Parc, La Calaca Feliz (great tacos!) Zavino and Talula's Garden :) 

  • FITNESS: Corepower yoga, Flywheel, Barre3 and just running or walking on the Schuylkill river trail :) 

  • OUTDOORS: When I am looking to get a break from the city and get out in nature I love going to the Wissahickon trail or Valley Forge

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Best of the Rest


IN MY HEADPHONES: Trevor Hall music on repeat


IF I WAS A CELEBRITY I’D BE: Jennifer Garner

CURRENT BEAUTY OBSESSION: Loving Acure products, they are all natural and love their lavender lotion



CAN’T TRAVEL WITHOUT: My water bottle

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