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London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide


The first time I went to London I was eight. My dad had grown up there and I remember trips to Hamley's, tea at Harrod's, and embarking on an adventure to see where my dad grew up next to "an enormous hill". We raced toy cars down what I'll kindly call a bunny hill and got lost on double decker buses in the notorious London rain. In college, I returned to London during my time abroad-- this time visiting where my boyfriend lived for two years, a tiny town outside of London. We also conquered the London Eye, my friend Steph and I sat front row at London Fashion Week, and we went to Camden market. 

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This time, I headed to London in September with Nick's entire family. His parents had amazingly invited us all (girlfriends included!) to London to see the Baltimore Ravens play across the pond. Our week was jam-packed with seeing Nick's old friends, attending a soccer (or "football") game, incredible dinners, wandering through the streets, and trying every sausage roll we came across. 


My top three of the week were: Neal's Yard, The Columbia Flower Market, and the soccer game.

Neal's Yard is a must see for my fellow health obsessed travelers--hidden in an alley that opens up to a healthy mecca. My Cool Cousin family gave me the recommendation for this awesome spot. There's Neal's Yard remedies offering essential oils and tinctures that run from A to Z. There's 26 Grains, covered in greenery and serving buckwheat porridge, avocado toast, and the most incredible cocoa turmeric latte. Then there's acupuncture, massage, and reiki treatments. I went here at least once a day. 

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The Columbia Flower Market is a must see, only on Sundays. We arrived greeted by a rainbow of flowers and sunflowers cascading over our heads. The accents of the sellers are thick as they shout above one another-- a cacophony of British voices competing for your pollen-loving business. Theres' some great vintage shops and cafes here too; make sure to turn down all the little alleys to find the secret amazing shops. 


Finally, the Fulham match. We were greeted after a 40 minute drive by police on horseback standing in front of Craven's Cottage. The field originally only had the cottage where spectators could watch the match and since then there has been a stadium built around it. Nick's family was kind enough to get us President's Club tickets which meant we had a private room pre-match where we were served the most amazing ginger filled dessert. The game itself was electric, and the cheering and spirit completely infection. Whether Fulham or another match, I would definitely recommend attending a game! 


The trip was filled with so many other amazing memories, like dancing to the street peformes after dinner and learning about the London fashion scene from Nick's brother's model friend in the back of a bar and champagne toasts on Nick's dad's birthday at the top of the London Eye. Though my health wasn't amazing while I was there, it was such an amazing trip. Here are my recommendation if you're looking to go! 




Royal Horseguards Hotel: This hotel was in the perfect location. Across the street from a stunning park and the tube, it offered an oasis in the city as well as a jumping off point for all our adventures. 

It had a very old world vibe with tea time and roaring fire places. Best of all, it had a view of the London Eye that lit up the room at night. 




26 Grains: Run do not walk to this insanely amazing spot. In Neal's Yard, they have a great brunch, cocoa turmeric lattes, and sesame date balls that are out of this world. True story: I emailed them to get their date ball recipe--then messaged them on Instagram--then tweeted them. It's proprietary apparently but these balls alone are worth the flight to London. 

Bonus: Check out their Instagram for healthy inspiration!

Bronte: This spot was right around the corner from our hotel and so cute. Amazing outdoor space covered in pink and with plaid blankets to keep you warm. The food is an asian american mashup and their brunch is so fun! 

Berners Tavern: This was a recommendation of one of my coworkers and so much fun. We headed here after the Fulham match and from the champagne cart to the pictures that covered every inch of the wall it was a treat. The cheese plate was awesome and the pasta was seriously dreamy. It's also super close to the going out area! 

Bill's: We headed to Bill's on our last morning before we flew home. Great green juice and super cute decor. A great place with wifi if you need a spot to work for the day. 

Riding House Café: We went here to meet up with Nick's friend who still lives in London. My avocado toast was delicious as was my green juice. 

Dishoom: The best Indian food pretty much ever. Multiple locations around the city. Go early or there's a wait. 

Cereal Killer Cafe: I dragged everyone to this place after seeing it in model Devon Windsor's Instagram 2 years ago. This place is full of any cereal you could ever want. You can order a mix with whatever milk you'd like (I got almond!) and choose your toppings. Be prepared though, that they serve their milk a little warm in Europe.




Topshop: I vividly remember being in this Topshop in college and having a blast. It's enormous and while we were there they had a real "runway" with models walking in the window on treadmills with new looks every 15 minutes. I lost Nick within 5 minutes of arriving but had some great finds! 

Tesco: It's like Wawa but with better candy and they even have ginger and green juice! 

Columbia Flower Market: This market is incredible. Go early on Sunday because it gets super crowded. Stop at Lili Vanilli for some delicious baked goods and turn right out of the bakery for the best vintage shop. The flowers extend forever and it's such an experience! 

Neal's Yard: As stated above, you must go here. I recommend looking up what tinctures you want beforehand. I got the cutest travel kit from here with a rose salve that has been saving me from winter skin! 

Harrods: While I didn't go this time around, Nick's family did. It is an experience! Definitely something you should do your first time in the city. 




Mews:  Nick's family are late risers and I am the earliest of risers! One morning, I proudly took the tube like a local to explore the Mews, beautiful colorful houses in Kensington Garden. I loved exploring the area and the bright colors cheered up a gloomy day. 

London Eye: The line for the London Eye can be enough to deter even the most patient traveler. Nick's dad booked a private trip which meant we got to skip the line and had a champagne toast with delicious food too. A good option if you're with a group you can split the cost with! 

Fulham Match: Get yourself to a "football" match when in London! I can't even begin to put into words how amazing this experience was. The Brits are true fans and I loved joining in with their songs and cheers (video below!). 

Box Park: My older sister told me about a place in Australia that had stores piled on top of each other in shipping containers. Turns out, London has one too! Box Park has stores on the bottom and delicious food on the top, all of shipping containers! It also has some great areas to sit and drink and take in views of the city. 




Our schedule was so packed I didn't have time to go to these classes and just worked out at the hotel gym, but if you have time, check these out and let me know how they are! 

One 10: Spinning with both interval and meditative classes 

Flying Fantastic: Hoops and silks like a Cirque performer--this looks insanely cool 

Frame: Reformer and mat pilates in a chic gray studio 

Barrecore: Barre class to the extreme 

Bhuti: Pilates, yoga, and a cafe all in one! 




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