About Me

Calling all lemons...

Have you ever had a lemon? Not the kind in the grocery store. The lemon. That perfect car for the perfect price that you drive off the lot only to discover what you perceived to look great is actually falling apart. Well that's me. And if that's sometimes you too, welcome home. 

Since being diagnosed over 10 years ago with an autoimmune disorder, I've become somewhat of a halfway hippie. I hate yoga but love a good pilates session. I make awesome acai bowls with powders I can't pronounce but will succumb to the persistent call of an office cookie cake. I have enough essential oils to open a store but steer clear of  incense. It's a journey and I love discovering each next step. 

The world of holistic medicine has been an absolute savior for me, and I'm learning it as I go. Traditional medicine couldn't offer much for me when I was diagnosed and often the treatments were worse than my initial symptoms. I found, like many with chronic illness do, that there was more success in the holistic. 

I moved to an organic diet (well 75% of the time, a girl has to have some Reeses!). I began working with a nutritionist and devouring every book I could find on holistic treatments becoming an expert in essential oil therapy, using whole foods to treat my symptoms, and changing my routine with the seasons to ward off a flare. And I started feeling better. 

Don't get me wrong--my chronic illness still is and always will be a moving target I need to tackle. I still have bad days. But, I feel empowered and my body feels like its on the path to something its been searching for for years. I realized that if other people were searching for the answers like I was, then maybe it was time to share what I've learned.  

So, I decided to start a blog. Another one. I have started so many blogs mirroring the perfected travel shots, gorgeous recipes, and stunning bodies. This time, I'm going to try something new and just be me--lemon and all. I hope what I've learned can help you in some way.

So, welcome to The Lemon Tribe. It's about time we got together.